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Lecture: Curating Feast! Food at Stonehenge

From: 14:30pm, Apr 21, 2018  

Since October 2017, there has been a special exhibition at the Stonehenge visitor centre which tells the story of food in prehistory. This talk will describe the process of curating the exhibition, collaborating with university experts and making the topic accessible and engaging for the visiting public. The displays focus on the results of the ‘Feeding Stonehenge’ research project relating to nearby Durrington Walls, particularly showcasing the ground-breaking scientific methods that have been used to analyse the animal bones and pottery; the evidence for feasting at the time of Stonehenge. This story is set in the wider context of diet in prehistory and how archaeologist find out about prehistoric diet, as well as some of the ways in which the food available to us has changed since the Neolithic period. On display are also objects from other feasting sites dating from the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age, including some from the collections at Wiltshire Museum. You’ll find out how a bag of soil, a mass spectrometer, a pot of hummus and a lot of magnets all played their part in the project!
Susan Greaney

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