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Asteraceae: Dandelions & Daisies

From: 10:00am to 16:00pm, Jul 15, 2018  

A one day workshop dealing with the UK’s second most diverse plant family. This workshop will be led by Sam Thomas an expert field botanist based in Oxford with a background in botanical research, teaching and recording. Sam holds a Level 6 Field Identification Skills Certificate from the BSBI indicating a botanist with ‘national status’ and ‘excellent ID skills’.
The focus of the morning will be on Asteraceae terminology, diversity and basic identification. We’ll use some familiar plants to help demystify crucial terms like ‘achene’, ‘phyllary’, ‘ligule’ and ‘pappus’. We’ll then put this knowledge to use working with keys to identify common species across the full range of the family.
After lunch there will be a field visit to a local area of chalk downland where we will see some common and some more localised species of Asteraceae. The main afternoon lab session will be focussed on the ‘dandelion-like’ yellow Asteraceae. This will include the hawkbits (Leontodon), hawk's-beards (Crepis), cat’s ears (Hypochaeris), mouse-ear-hawkweeds (Pilosella) and hawkweeds (Hieracium).


Fee: £60


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