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Bronze Age Casting Workshop

From: 10:00am to 16:00pm, Sep 27, 2018  

Discover how some the earliest metal tools were produced in prehistoric Britain. This workshop is led by experimental archaeologist and PhD student James Dilley from the University of Southampton.

Following a safety briefing, workshop attendees will prepare their own mould, before working the leather bellows on the charcoal fuelled furnace to melt copper and tin. They will then cast the liquid metal into their prepared moulds to produce a replica early bronze age axe head to take home at the end of the day. Students can then begin filing off the casting flash and start cleaning the surfaces of the axe.

There will be short talk over lunch about the life and times of Bronze Age people in Europe. It will cover our current understanding of technology in the Bronze Age and how it is reflected in archaeology. It will be an informal talk with lots of scope for open discussion. There will be lots of replica and real prehistoric artefacts to accompany the talk by James.

Guidance will be on-hand at all times. Appropriate clothing must be worn for manual work (fully covered shoes and trousers etc)

Fee: £70


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