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International Bat Night - Bangers, Burgers & Bats!

From: 19:00pm, Aug 24, 2018  

One of the most popular dates in the Sheepdrove Calendar, our annual Bat Night & BBQ is always a sell-out.
From 7pm - 8pm, the barbecue will be flat out with Sheepdrove organic burgers and sausages and our bar will be open.

Our expert will then talk you through bat identification and conservation. Following this, as dusk falls, expert conservationists will be on hand with their bat detectors to guide you through Sheepdrove's twilight world to see the spectacle of bats hunting moths and other nocturnal flying insects. 

Not to be missed - early booking is advised.

Unsuitable for children under 7.

Fee: £20 adult, £8.50 Children

Booking Essential as this is a very popular event: Click here to book

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