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The South Wiltshire Roman Temple and Fieldwork

From: 19:00pm, Sep 25, 2018  

The PASt Landscapes project was created to understand the exceptional quantity and quality of later prehistoric and Roman metal-detected finds from south-west Wiltshire since 2010.

This lecture presents our results from our central case study, an exceptional late Roman temple and its landscape. The temple has produced a very large assemblage of material culture, including nationally unique objects and an unparalleled assemblage of miniature iron objects. In this lecture we will consider the regional context of the site, the sequence and use of the temple, the finds assemblages from the site, and the domestic and industrial landscape within which it is set.

David is leading a multi-disciplinary team investigating the Roman landscape in the Verlucio area, supported by members of the Wiltshire Archaeology Field Group.


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