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Jun 17, 2016

TOE2 -Small Grants for Recorders

A small grants scheme is launched for projects that improve the voluntary recording of species in Berkshire and Oxfordshire

TOE2 and TVERC Recorders’ Grant Scheme


TOE2 is delighted to announce a small grant scheme in partnership with TVERC (the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre). 


We invite applications from projects that improve the quality, quantity and/or coverage of voluntary species recording in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. 


Applications may be standalone grants to support better recording or they may be linked to a larger biodiversity application to TOE2 which includes an element of species recording.



Most grants from TVERC are up to £500 but applications up to £2,000 can be considered, depending on the nature of the project and the level of funds available.


The funding can be used to support the following:


Digitising paper records - priority given to recent data & under-represented taxa

  • Money towards running training courses or promotional activities to recruit new recorders and improve the quality of voluntary recording.
  • Training for individuals (volunteers, not professionals)
  • Publication of atlases and checklists
  • Cost of setting up or running a recording group
  • Purchase of equipment for field survey work, including ID guides, for use by the group (PLEASE CHECK FIRST WHETHER TVERC HAVE SUITABLE EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE FOR FREE LOAN
  • Purchase of data management tools, including upgrading and new hard/software to be used solely for the purposes of recording
  • Provision of travel expenses for voluntary recorders (45p/mile or cost of public transport up to a maximum of £20 per day) to deliver any of the above.


Please contact or 01865 407003 for more information.

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