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May 22, 2018



Brief for Consultants
Invitation to Tender
Deadline noon 4th June 2018

The North Wessex Downs AONB Council of Partners is seeking a consultant to undertake the planning and organisation of its Annual Forum 2018.

1. Project aims and specifications

1.1 The North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership holds an annual Forum, as set out in the Partnership Agreement.  It is open to all with an interest or involvement in the AONB and the surrounding area.

1.2 The AONB Partnership requires additional support with planning and organising this year’s Forum.  This will include identifying, selecting and booking a suitable venue; liaising with the AONB Director to set an agenda; identifying, contacting and arranging a range of engaging and inspiring speakers/contributors on relevant subjects; identifying and arranging a range of field trips or visits as appropriate; and, if required, securing catering for the event.

1.3 The AONB Unit, which works on behalf of the AONB Partnership, will provide management oversight of the consultant, as well as a source of guidance, advice and support.  Staff will process bookings and run the Forum on the day.

The project brief can be found here

Tenders should be returned, to arrive no later than 12 noon on 4th June 2018, to:


Partnership Co-ordinator

North Wessex Downs AONB

Units 3 and 4

Denford Manor

Lower Denford


Berkshire  RG17 0UN


or by email to:

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