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Mar 27, 2013

BeWILD Legacy Report

Ancient woodland management project report released

Just released, this report is an evaluation report of the BeWILD Project, an ancient woodland management project delivered across Berkshire from 2008-2011.

The Report pulls together the successes and achievements of the BeWILD Project, and aims to share the experiences and findings from the Project for the benefit of those involved in new and existing woodland management in Berkshire and beyond.

It has been written in an accessible toolkit format with case studies, project summary tables, and Top Tips for woodland projects boxes. It contains guidance on woodland management for wildlife, timber production, marketing and woodfuel, as well as lots of links to woodland and woodfuel organisations and guidance material. The Report is designed to be dipped into and read at different levels depending on the reader’s interest and time.

Written and produced by Meg Chambers, Karen Davies and Mel Hardie. You can download a copy from our Publications section.

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