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Aug 15, 2013

Hungerford Town Plan

Not too much change please...

This week saw the launch of Hungerford’s refreshed Town Plan – and the over-riding message from the 46% of residents who responded to researchers was ‘keep our town largely the way it is.”

The Hungerford Town Plan is a vision for the future of the town based on the views and wishes of residents and local businesses.

The introduction to the Plan states: “Whilst accepting the need for some change, there is a strong desire to ensure that this does not destroy the unique character of the town or the beautiful countryside which surrounds it.”

The Hungerford Town Plan was first introduced in 2005 and will be refreshed every five years from now on. The 2013 version was produced with the help of a cash injection from the Sustainable Development Fund of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The Plan has been formally adopted by Hungerford Town Council and West Berkshire Council. A printed copy is being delivered to every household in the town.

The Hungerford researchers opened the door wide with question 50 of their survey:

 If you were granted a single wish to improve Hungerford, what would it be?


Here are some of the more forthright replies...

  • No cars through the High Street during the afternoons as in Hythe, Kent. (People tend to stay longer, browsing shops, then stay to eat)
  • Some ' Magic Wand' to enthuse people of all ages to take pride in town and contribute to the running of the town
  • Marks & Spencer  food hall at least
  • Demolish that hideous BMW showroom ‐ totally out of place here and out of keeping with its surrounds
  • Put the Marsh back how it was and stop interfering with nature
  • Bring back the outdoor swimming pool!


And finally...

  • Move it to the sea ‐ "Hungerford‐on‐Sea" ‐ Wow!

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