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Sep 18, 2013

Stonebridge Meadow

Sowing seeds of progress
Volunteers for Action for the River Kennet (ARK) were joined by Bryan Castle, a member of the North Wessex Downs Council of Partners, and members of the public to scatter seeds in the far end of the middle field at Stonebridge Meadow, Marlborough earlier this month.

Charlotte Hitchmough, director of ARK, said: “It was very well attended and there were lots of lovely children, which was nice to see.

“The seeds were sown in the section where herbicides were put down to get rid of the nettles and replace them with wildflowers.

“The plan is to have different sections, so the field at the far end will be nettles which will turn to scrub over time, the middle fields where the cows are is where we are doing the most work and that will be a mixture of grasses and wild flowers and then the section nearest the footpath will be an open space.”

Another seed sowing event will be organised for late September.
Geoffrey Findlay, spokesman for ARK says: "ARK has spent over a year working closely with the Town Council to consult both the public and experts and we are now implementing a carefully designed strategy."

Questions still remain about the future public amenity use of Stonebridge Meadow following a special meeting this month of Marlborough Town Council's management committee that considered its wild and overgrown state.

The site, bought jointly by Action on the River Kennet (ARK) and Marlborough Town Council, still has no public picnic facility and no easy access to the river bank, the council’s Amenities and Open Spaces Committee was told.

An updated full report will be given to the full town council meeting on September 23 when a statement will be issued on the progress plans for the meadow.

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