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Oct 13, 2014

Has the sun set on large scale solar PV schemes?

Latest news on Wroughton Airfield Solar farm proposals & Government consultation on the future funding of large solar farms.

The Wroughton Airfield solar farm Call In Inquiry finished just a fortnight before the Government published the outcome of its consultation on the future of funding of large scale solar farms.


The Government had earlier confirmed in its May 2014 consultation that the roll out of large scale solar PV schemes has been so successful that it had now reached a stage that it was “more than we can afford.”


The Government therefore in its October 2014 consultation response confirmed that the Renewables Obligations tariff for large scale solar will close from April 1st 2015.


There will remain a “grace period” for those schemes that have made “significant financial commitments” before the start of the consultation period.


The Government is instead trying to concentrate its efforts on small scale (below 5MW), roof top and suitable parts of brownfield sites for new solar schemes.


A decision on the Wroughton Airfield large scale solar scheme is not expected from the Secretary of State until March 2015.


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