Dark Skies

Wilton Windmill
Wilton Windmill  - credit Craig Harvey

Look up at the starry skies ...

Dark skies add to the beauty, tranquillity and sense of remoteness of a place. Looking up at a starry sky or across a moonlight landscape is a memorable and magical experience.  And yet, increasingly artificial light is reducing our ability to see dark skies – nationally over 90 per cent of the population are denied sight of starry skies. In the North Wessex Downs AONB almost 15% of our sky is as dark as anywhere in the country.  Darkness at night is an integral part of a landscape, and we want to ensure the AONB remains a place:

‘where a sense of remoteness and tranquillity predominates and where vast night skies can thrill the eye, unaffected by light pollution’

There are some great opportunities in the AONB for stargazing. 

See our Stargazing page for tips on how to get started, local astronomy groups and links to useful websites. 

Find out more about light pollution and what you can do to help minimise it on our Light Pollution page. 

For more advice, take a look at our Guide to Good External Lighting.

Click on the image to download our Dark Skies leaflet:

Front cover of dark skies leaflet


Stars over Silbury Hill
Stars over Silbury Hill - credit GreatWestWay.co.uk