Seasoned Timber Company - Hungerford
Seasoned Timber Company - Hungerford

The North Wessex Downs LEADER programme  brings significant funding and new business opportunities to farmers, foresters, NGOs, community groups and local businesses in the North Wessex Downs.


The Local Action Group  has  secured 2.132m Euros to run a new LEADER Programme between 2015 and 2020 and is now "open for business".

A copy of  the new Local Development Strategy details the priorities and objectives for the new Programme and the key activities which are  the focus for investment. There are 6 priorities:

  • Farming
  • Micro and small businesses (including farm diversification)
  • Tourism / the visitor economy
  • Forestry
  • Rural services and connectivity and
  • Culture and heritage.

For more information see the North Wessex Downs LEADER website.