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May 14, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE 14th May 2020

Our latest response to the current situation following the recent change in the travel and exercise rules.

We know you want to visit the beautiful North Wessex Downs: we do too. Government advice is still to stay at home as much as possible but you can also travel to exercise with members of your household. If you choose to travel further afield and visit the North Wessex Downs please plan ahead and come prepared as things might not be quite as you are expecting. 

  • Local facilities such as toilets, shops and food outlets may not be open.
  • Look out for and avoid disturbing any wildlife that may have taken the chance, while it has been quiet, to build a home in an unusual place for example on a footpath, or close to one.
  • Paths may not have been maintained during recent weeks and may be inaccessible or overgrown. Some paths may have been redirected to avoid areas such as farmyards.
  • Be aware that you may find car parks and parking places full, or busy, and for your personal safety and for the safety of others you may need to be flexible and change your plans. Please do not park on verges or in field entrances or gateways – this will destroy fragile species such as wild flowers, damage verges and may cause problems for road users including the emergency services and our farmers.
  • Please be respectful of our local residents, many of whom fall into the vulnerable categories.  Naturally they are concerned, as we all are, about staying healthy and avoiding contact with people.
  • When in the countryside, always follow the Countryside Code. If you don’t know it you can find it here.

Enjoy this opportunity to connect with nature and these beautiful places we have.   But also please act responsibly towards the landscape you are in, the other people around you and always follow the government advice on social distancing and keeping yourself safe and healthy.  For more information and government guidance please follow the links below:

Government guidance on accessing green spaces safely
The Countryside Code - online version

Thank you.

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