Pylons across the Pewsey Vale
Pylons across the Pewsey Vale

Planning, development, consultations and advice

Despite the relatively low density  of population there are particular development pressures on the North Wessex Downs. A key role for the AONB Partnership is to ensure a consistent approach across the nine local authority areas concerned and to help them fulfil their duty of regard set out in the CRoW Act 200 and National Policy Framework (NPPF).

To assist the local authority partners the North Wessex Downs AONB Partnership:

  • actively engages in the policy making process
  • provides advice on specific planning applications and appeals, and
  • provides guidance through its Management Plan and Position Statements.

 The Partnership also supports pre-application discussions from applicants and the relevant Local Planning Authorities.

Quarterly updates on recent planning issues with which the Partnership has been involved are included in this section as is advice to help you with planning applications.