Planning & Development

A Guide to Good External Lighting


Anyone considering external lighting in and around the North Wessex Downs AONB can use this guide to minimise light pollution and preserve beautiful dark skies. Part One is for anyone installing lighting. Part Two contains information for those setting the framework for development, such as neighbourhood planning groups and local authority policy and planning teams.

A Guide to Good External Lighting

Parish Wildlife Map Toolkit

The North Wessex Downs AONB Sustainable Development Fund has assisted the Hampshire Wildlife Trust in producing a parish wildlife map toolkit to help local people include biodiversity in their community-led planning process. A parish wildlife map is a graphical representation of some of the key habitats and species within a parish, town or village boundary, created by surveys and background information. The North Wessex Downs AONB is currently offering support to any communities in the area who wish to help pilot this toolkit.

Parish Wildlife Map Toolkit

Horses, the Landscape and You

Published in partnership with the South West Protected Landscapes Forum. Owners of horses have an important role to play in keeping the North Wessex Downs a beautiful place. In this publication you will find helpful guidance, sources of information and useful contacts to make sure your horse is well cared for and makes a positive contribution to our landscape.

Horses, the Landscape and You

Study of the key effects of the Horseracing Industry

Horseracing is very important to the AONB, which contains an internationally renowned horseracing centre, in and around Lambourn. The economic contribution of this centre has been examined before but its social, environmental and community effects are only partially known. This report presents a better understanding of these dimensions in order to assist suitable economic development and planning policies to be drafted.

Download Horseracing Industry Study

Urban Fringe Action Plan

The Urban Fringe Action Plan for southern Swindon published in 2006 tackles some of the pressures and opportunities presented by the close proximity of the North Wessex Downs to the large and growing town of Swindon. The action plan, which involved a wide range of people in its development, takes an integrated, cross boundary approach to tackling these issues. It identifies what needs to be done to realise the full potential of the urban fringe and to achieve a more sustainable and multi-functional future for the area.

Full version (with Maps & images)

Hard copies and CDs are also available from the AONB office.

Definitive mapping for the North Wessex Downs

To see the relationship between Districts, Boroughs, Unitary Authorities and Wards and Parishes, use this map.

(Date last updated: May 2019)

Boundaryline Map PDF

Boundaryline Map JPG